Carsten Angsmark

Phone: +46 8 555 69 960

Joined the law firm in - and partner from - 2007

Attorney at law (advokat) in 1991

Professional experience

Jur kand (LL.M) at Uppsala University 1983
Law School of University of Minnesota 1983
The Swedish National Tax Authority's Board for Legal Matters 1984
The District Court of Huddinge 1984–1986
The Swedish Farmers' Association 1986–1988
Rydin & Carlsten Law Firm 1988–1996
Sagell & Angsmark Law Firm and 
Sagell Angsmark Anell Law Firm 1996–2006
Angsmark Law Firm 2006–2007
Grünberger Law Firm 2007–

Practice areas

Swedish and internationel business 
Corporate law and economical/financial family law